From studies at Vilnius Tech to a successful career

2020 12 14

Bushra moved from Karachi, Pakistan to Vilnius in October 2016 to pursue her master’s degree in International Business from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (now Vilnius TECH). During her studies she fell in love with Vilnius and now she calls it home. So let‘s meet her!

Please tell us more about yourself

In my previous life, back in Karachi, Pakistan, I worked in the telecom industry with Telenor as Customer Care Officer and excelled in my job. Currently I am a double MBA with total experience of more than 12 years of working with people.

I moved from Karachi, Pakistan to Vilnius, Lithuania in October 2016 to pursue my master’s degree in International Business from Vilnius Gediminas Technical University. Just initial first year of my studies I fell in love with this city and decided to stay here after finishing my studies. I decided not to go to other EU country for my Erasmus program just so I do not get disconnected from Lithuania. I opted for a full-time study program and did my first internship as a Sales and Marketing Intern in my first year of study. I got to know the Lithuanian work culture more, of course my nature of work was in English language. Later I did my summer internship in Western Union in Digital Payments Team which was a part of my studies.

How did you find your first job in Lithuania?

After my summer internship at Western Union in Digital Payments Team I was offered a job in the Business Solutions team. After working in WU for almost a year, I got the opportunity to work as an English Language Teacher in a private international kindergarten “Kindermusik”. I really enjoyed working with kids. I was offered a better option at “Katino Dieneles” International Kindergarten. I continued there for one more year. Then I decided to switch back to the Corporate world after working for 2 years in kindergarten. Although it was not the best time to start looking for a job because of quarantine, but I started to look for options in Sales and Marketing industry. I found a Sales and Marketing job in the same company where I did my first internship as they recently formed a new Sales team. Now I work as a Sales and Marketing specialist in Synergium Translation Company playing a major role in company’s revenue.

You are one of the faces of Vilnius. How did it happen?

I have adapted well in Vilnius and this is my home. Being the only Pakistani women living in Vilnius, I was asked to come for the interview by a journalist for his series called “Diverse Lithuania” which was dedicated to 100 years of independence of Lithuania. Also, I was selected as one of the foreign faces of the year in 2018 and my poster was placed at various locations in Vilnius. I was interviewed on a several different occasions by Lithuanian journalists.

What do you enjoy doing in Lithuania during your free time?

I am a health-conscious individual, I take care of my diet and exercise well. I enjoy doing extreme sports activities, skydiving and cliff jumping is already off my bucket list. I also worked as a side actor for Swedish drama series. In my free time I like to read and do modelling for commercials.

What advice do you have for other international students?

My advice for other foreign students is to explore the internship options here in Lithuania in their specific fields. If you get an internship outside of Lithuania during your study time you might get disconnected and loose the possibility to introduce yourself to Lithuanian employers.

Moreover, sometimes students fall under this impression that they cannot not get a job until and unless they speak Lithuanian. There are plenty of companies which are interested in hiring foreigners. I would advise them to send their resume and have the experience of working in Lithuanian environment. Try to know the work culture, build stronger relationships in work environment. Lithuanians are open-minded and managers here are supportive and give really good advice for your career.


As Vilnius is a small city and people are closely connected in the business sector here, so just one right step in the right company of your specialization can kick start your career.